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At Tsunami Sound Studios, we stock only the best equipment….


Tamura TS-3648 56 channel, 72 input large format analogue console,
Mackie D8B 56 input, 72 channel digital console,


Alesis 24/96 Masterlink master recorder,
3x Mackie HDR24/96 Hard disk recorders,
Alesis HD 24 Hard disk recorder,
3x Akai DR-16 Hard disk recorders,
Akai DR-8 Hard disk recorder,
3x 8 track ADAT Digital tape recorders,
Tascam DA30 & DA30 mk2 Dat recorders,
Sony CDR W33 CD burner,
Sony MDS 520 Minidisc recorder,
Sony TC WE 405 Cass deck,
Sony TC FX 211 Cass deck,
2x Otari MX 5050 Reel to reel recorders.


Neumann SM69 Stereo remote controlled mic,
2x CAD VX2 twin tube Multipattern mics. CADs top mic,
rare as and the only two in NZ.
Rode Classic Multipattern remote controlled vocal mic,
2 x Rode K-2,
2 x Rode NT-1000,
Rode NT-1,
2 x Shure 16A Pencil mics,
2 x Sony ECM-220,

8 x Shure SM-57,
Shure Beta 56,
Beyer M-88,
4 x Shure BG-2.0,
2 x Audix 300-XB,
3 x AKG D-190,
2 x AKG D-202.


2x Avalon 737 valve compressor preamps,
DBX 367 2 channel valve preamp, with digital out,
ART Pro MPA tube mic preamp,
Amcron PSL-2,
Mesa Boogie V twin valve preamp.


Tannoy  ”Golds”, 15″ dual concentric

Tannoy “Mercury”,
Soundcraft Absolute Zeros,
Yorkville YSM-1
Yorkville YSM-2
Yorkville YSM-5

JBL LSR-32, Rear speakers,
JBL LSR-32, Centre speaker,
2 x JBL M15s Sub speakers.


Lexicon PCM 70,
5x Ensoniq DP4 Multi effects units,
Ensoniq DP4 + Multi effects unit,
Sony V-77 Multi effects unit,
Sony R7 reverberator,
2x Korg SDD3300 triple delays,
Roland SDE 330 space delay,
Roland SDE 3000 delay unit,
Roland SRV 2000 reverb unit,
Roland SDX 330FX dimensional effects unit,
2x Yamaha Rev 7 reverberators,
2x Behringer Edison 3D simulators,
Behringer DSP 8000 RTA,
3x DBX 166 Compressors – gates,
2x Aphex Compellor, Model 301,

Aphex Dominator II Limiter
Aphex Aural Exciter type III Model 250,
2x DBX 236 DE-Esser,
MRX Pitch transposer,
Behringer Ultrafex II,
ART DMV Pro reverb,
ART FRX Elite reverb,
ART FRX Elite II reverb,
ART dual tube parametric EQ,
Digitech Studio Vocalist EX, vocal harmony processor,
3x Alesis 3630 Compressor gates,
Alesis Midiverb III,
DBX Quantum Mastering processor,
TC Finaliser
2x Urei LA12 Compressors,
Alesis AI-1 Digital interface,


Roland A-880 Midi patcher mixer,
2x Akai S3000XL Digital samplers,
2x Roland D-110 Multi timbral sound modules,
Roland S-550 Digital sampler,
Roland XV-5080,
2x Roland Super JV-1080,
Peavey Spectrum Bass Sound module,
Alesis S4 Mulitimbral sound module,
Alesis D4 Drum module,
E-mu Proteus/2 Orchestral sound module, with expansion cards,
Oberheim Matrix 6R Analogue synthesizer module,
Yamaha P-50M Piano module,
Opcode midiport 96 channel midi distributor,
Korg TR88 Master Keyboard.
Yamaha CVP-6 88 note Master keyboard.


Phase Linear 700 Reference Amp, 350 rms-wpc,
2x Phase Linear 400 Reference Amps, 201 rms-wpc,
Peavey IP-4C, 250 rms-wpc,
Peavey PMA 200, 100 rms-wpc,
Samson 550 Amp, 125 rms-wpc,
Alto 850: 85 rms-wpc.


2x Oz Audio HR-4 4 station headphone amps,
Alesis BRC, Adat remote control,
Apogee UV-22 clock card to suit Mackie D8B,
Niche Audio Control module,
Rosendahl Nanosync reference house clock,
Rosendahl WIF, SMPTE to midi timecode convertor,
Rosendahl MIF, Midi to SMPTE timecode convertor,
Lexicon MRC (Lexicon PCM-70 remote control),
2x Aurex adres noise reduction decoder units
Roland Edirol FA 101, firewire interface unit,
Phonic firefly 808 firewire interface unit,
Several G5 Apple Power Macs running an assortment of programs,
Apple Mac Power G4 and Atari Ste 1040.


Mapex Mars Studio Drum kit,
Arai Pro 2 Bass,
2x Japanese Takamine Acoustic Guitar,
Fender Squire Stratocaster,
Line 6 Spider 2 Modeling Amp,
Rocket Lead 130 Amp,
Assorted percussion instruments,
12,000 approx, samples & sounds via Midi