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Film & Video

Whether you require on-location or in-house video shots, Tsunami Studios parent company TMV has experience in multiple forms of video work. TMV video products are entirely Digital & are shot in a range of television formats, including widescreen.

TMV was the first multi media production house in Western Australia to produce an international DVD with the recording of the album. This included shooting the video, editing, mixing, mastering audio & authoring the DVD, entirely in house & on site.

With a completely digital signal chain, ensuring the highest possible resolution in any format, TMV has embraced vision assets as a priority in all their products and so have taken advantage of the growing demand for High Definition 16:9 wide screen TV content. TMV has gained an in depth understanding of all facets of Video/television production techniques, including 16.9 wide screen filming & broadcast.
TMV ensures consistency of product and the highest standards required by television channels and movie houses around the world.

Tsunami undertakes to finish all products to all global radio & television formats and are continually expanding and updating to accommodate the latest innovations not only in music & vision but also technology and equipment.
We produce the recorded works as well as the artwork and images for the product.
We have produced hundreds of albums and songs over the years with a high percentage of them securing airtime around the world. We have also produced products for corporate clients and Government facilities including the Ministry of Education .